Following the paths of Niccolò Paganini, he is capable of interpreting Bach’s “Air” with all its parts on his instrument — in fact, this got him famous on YouTube, even before he started to play around the globe.

As a soloist, Kim is praised by the critique for the explosive energy of his sound, his incredible virtuosity, his flawless technique and the sheer beauty of his tone.

As an innovator, he constantly develops new techniques to satisfy his creative ideas. He invented a new type of strings, used by several violinists, and experiments on the use of the mentioned prismatic glasses, he invented in 2014. Since 2016, this device has been studied by scientists in Seoul (South Korea) and Neuwied (Germany), suggesting that it provokes a state of cerebral activity, sharpening the senses and enhancing self-control.

As a composer, Kim does not care about schools and conventions, but writes and arranges music that is an expression of his romantic feelings and challenges his artistic skills, crossing the boundaries of what was thought to be technically possible on his instrument, only some years ago. Among his successful compositions is his paraphrase “I Brindisi”, “Dies Irae” for solo violin, and his violin concerto, premiered in Cluj Napoca (Romania) in 2017. His polyphonic transcriptions for solo-violin of Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” and Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” caused a sensation, both among fans and connoisseurs. His polyphonic transcription of Bach’s “Air” has been published by Bärenreiter, in 2015, and sold out in a few months. His „Three Romances“ for violin and piano also made a huge success after being published by Bärenreiter